Follow-up Care

NxGen projects don’t end when the last nail is driven or the final document signed. We know you’ll be living or working (or both) in your new structure and that despite everyone’s best efforts sometimes things can go awry. Maybe wood settles, or maybe frost shifts topsoil. Any number of things can happen – that’s part of what makes choosing the right construction partner so important.

We always turn every stone twice, and we don’t leave the site until it’s picture-perfect from every angle. And we’ll be seeing each other again – once after six months and again after one year – just in case you have any questions or have noticed any issues crop up over time.

Your comfort is our number one priority and you can always give us a call with questions or concerns in the meantime. Of course, we’re happy to receive compliments, too, and we’ll always pass yours on directly to the people who earned them.